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Butterfly - Meaning of Dream


To dream of a butterfly is rather a favorable sign than not. Butterfly represents feelings, lightness, elegance, ease. It is a symbol of undertakings. Since the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, it is a sign of transformation and change of everything old. Butterfly in the dream, is a symbol of joy and bliss.

If you see in the dream the exact transformation from chrysalis into a butterfly and then back, it means that you will encounter changes but it will develop very slowly.

If you in the dream you saw a caterpillar and a butterfly, but there was no cocoon, it means that something in your life has already happened, without disturbing your affairs and hurting your feelings.

To see the butterfly sitting among the flowers, it means that everything in your relationship will develop well, you will be submerged in love and prosperity, and your welfare will increase.

To dream of a butterfly is a very good sign, especially if you catch it, it means that you will meet your love; especially if you see a colored butterfly. Most of all, this dream is favorable for those who don’t have stable relations yet.

If you killed or crushed a butterfly in the dream, it is very unfavorable sign; your life will be full of troubles. If you injure a butterfly, be ready for betrayal in love relationships.

If you see a butterfly flitting from one flower to another, the dream suggests that you will receive favorable news from friends maybe you will have new acquisitions and prosperity.

For young people, this dream is a sign of mutual love and a happy marriage in the future.

White butterfly seen in a dream means a disease that will occur unexpectedly. If a white butterfly flew into the room and sat down on someone, it means that this person will soon get sick.

For a young woman, such dream means, that her dreams will not come true.

If you catch a white butterfly, it means that you will break a promise to someone. Dark butterfly in a dream portends unpleasant fuss and bother.

For couples and young girls the cocoon in the dream will certainly cover most important aspects of life directly related to amorous conquests. Also, the meaning will change and if this dream is seen by an adult woman.

The emergence of a butterfly in a dream can be considered as a favorable sign, if it breaks the cocoon and gets outside. This symbol can’t be interpreted in any other way, but only as a divination that all the difficulties and troubles are left behind; new ways for further development and improvement are opened. This is the basic meaning of all upcoming events in real life after seen the dream with cocoon and butterfly.

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