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Cable - Meaning of Dream

Cable in the modern dream book says that you have to make a difficult choice that will affect your future life. Do not hesitate to quickly solve a complex problem and to identify priorities, otherwise you may miss the opportune moment to improve your destiny.

If in a dream your relative or a good friend repaired a cable, soon that person will have to get out of a very difficult and confusing situation. Of course, other people's problems do not interest you as much as your own, but still you have to support your close ones. Refusing to help, you will show disrespect and fall into disrepute.

If you dreamed of a long cable - you can begin to prepare for a long trip. Entangled cords predict complications at work, or life's difficulties. Do not lose hope and do not despair, keep fighting, the result is very close. And most importantly - be careful not to get confused even more; in other words, do not fall for cruising for a bruising.

In Miller’s dream book a cable is a bad omen that predicts the beginning of a period of difficulties and troubles. Voltage-carrying torn cable portends monotonous and hard work that threatens with overwork. Take care of your health; otherwise you will face serious illness.

If you dug the ground in a dream and suddenly knock on a cable, in reality be very careful, there is a high probability of an accident, not necessarily associated with the excavation.

Many cables are seen as a herald of a confused situation, which you will manage but not very soon. The heating cable predicts melancholy and despondency. Most likely, you will feel abandoned and alone. You will want warmth and tenderness, but there will be no one around who could give you care and love. Thin electric cable promises news from afar, very thick cable promises that the news will be very enjoyable.