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Cactus - Meaning of Dream

Cactus in the modern dream book. Cactus in a dream represents hostility and isolation. If you pricked yourself with cactus spines in the dream, you will have a very difficult conversation with the person in reality, which will upset you with something. His lack of manners and straightness can offend and hurt your feelings. Blooming cactus portends a lot of luck, be ready for grand life, considerable financial investment in your business from sponsors and patrons, and complete freedom of action.

Cactus in a dream book of Miller. To dream of a lonely standing cactus, is a sign that in real life, your anger and negative direction of thoughts will disturb you from focusing on the important matters. If you step on the cactus and crush it in a dream, it means that you will win over your grievances and the desire to take revenge on your enemies. Blooming cactus before your eyes, symbolizes reconciliation and tranquility. Your mental state will become more harmonious, you will reconsider your attitude toward people and change your general outlook, after which you will return to the person with whom you have been at loggerheads.

Cactus in a dream book Vanga. If you see yourself in the desert, where you see many cactuses growing around you, it is a sign that you will not be able to gain attention of a person you need, who was extremely interesting in recent days and communication with whom is important to you. Do not be intrusive and categorical in own judgments, and he/she will open up to you soon. To prick yourself with a cactus and see blood, this dream is the forerunner of what you will witness the evil deed of some of your very close friends. Yet this dream may warn that in the near future some very bad news will appear or your mysteries and secrets will be revealed by a person who is very difficult to agree with, and who wants your privacy be a general issue. You need to be extremely cautious in expressing own statements and selection of friends.

Cactus in Freud's dream book. Cactus in a dream symbolizes isolated and unhappy person, who became very rude and cruel because of own solitude. If you take care for a cactus in a dream, it means that you feel experience the feeling of unrequited love. If in the dream you had to move cactus somewhere, but you could not take it in your hands because of its spiniferous, it means that you have a very squeamish attitude towards some people in your environment and prefer not to touch them; that is how you want to avoid their attention.

If you are watering the blooming cactus in your dream, it means that you still have hope for improvement of the cooled intimate relationship with your lover.

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