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Cafe - Meaning of Dream

A café in a dream portends the possibility to meet new people, who will be extremely useful. After such a dream, try to remember the last time you saw your friends. Most likely, it was a long time ago – everybody has a family, work, and everyday worries. In this case, it is good to call a friend and make an appointment - you probably have something to say to each other.

Sometimes a café may prophesy gossips, initiated by you or directed towards you. For a woman the same dream foretells unexpected news. Soon you will be told the amazing news that will hit you like a ton of bricks. But it can’t be predicted whether it will be joy or disappointment, so you should only wait.

If you sat in a cafe in a splendid isolation, this dream tells that you will be left derelict by close people. Loneliness in a cafe can be interpreted in another way: apparently, now is the time when you desperately need to be alone and decide where to go next.

For a man a café promises new successful transactions and business negotiations. Be very careful not to miss the best offer, which later will bring you fabulous profits.

If you sit in the café, Miller stated that the circumstances will compel you to enter into a confrontation with people, whom you truly considered as your friends.

If you invited someone to spend time with you in a café, it seems that in reality you are struggling to get into the powerful and wealthy man’s graces. Alas, but the path that you have chosen to achieve the goal will not lead you to success.

If in a dream you visited a small cozy café, be ready for invitation from a man with good connections. If you have spent a lot of money in the café, you risk encountering troubles and losses because of your negligence and carelessness. If you celebrated something in a café, get ready for a pleasant pastime or an unexpected surprise. If in a dream, you were the owner of the cafe - soon you'll have to take control over an ambiguous situation.