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Calculator - Meaning of Dream

If there is such a plain and banal thing as a calculator in your dream, it doesn’t mean that you can pay no attention to this sign. Don’t cast it aside because it can tell pretty much about your destiny. There is no doubt that it will astonish you with the depth of its meanings.

A calculator can be a hint for you to reconsider your life. Ask yourself, how you would evaluate quality of your life according to, let’s say, a ten-point grading scale; whether you would like to have the job you are occupied with now for the next five years (if you would not, why?); whether you would like to share your life with the person you date or live with now; what you’re lacking right now; how you imagine your life in ten years; what resources you have now to make this imagination come true and what you do for it. If your answers and the state of affairs in reality differ very much, it shows that you used to drift with the current. You don’t control your life any more (or maybe, you have never done this). Take it under your supervision as soon as possible ‘til it is not too late to change anything.

Also, a dream in which you’re seeing a calculator may indicate that soon you may be confronted by some difficulties. Don’t be confused. Pull yourself together and assess a situation objectively. Then, you’ll find a way out easily. Remember that the obstacles on our way make us stronger and more experienced.

Calculating something has a couple of different interpretations too.

According to the first one, you are recommended not to be as pragmatic as you are. Certainly, such a quality can be rather useful in our life. Sometimes, it is the one with the help of which we can solve a difficult dilemma or get out of a trouble. However, sometimes we should find a place for miracles and romanticism. It can brighten our life up.

According to the second one, your family life will be happy and carefree. But remember that you are to contribute to your family hearth to keep it burning. Without your efforts, it won’t work out. To devote your attention to your family is the most important contribution.

If you’re seeing that someone else is using a calculator in your dream, it denotes that your opponents may take the lead over you. Don’t give up and continue solving a problem. There are good chances that a situation can change in your favor. Prove that they must fight if they want to win.

Seeing a broken calculator in your dream implies that it is time for you to have a rest. Step aside from your business affairs and other anxieties. Devote your time only to yourself and your vacation.

If it is difficult for you to count something even with the help of a calculator, it cautions you against almost unsolvable problems. Evidently, you’ll have to strain your nerves and break your head over them. But after all, you’ll find a way out.