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Camel - Meaning of Dream

Camel in the dream is a symbol of endurance, and restlessness.

Camel is an animal that, despite the severe climatic conditions, overcomes obstacles and thousands of miles without food or water. This animal is stubborn and tough, goes to own goal, no matter what.

In your dream, you can ride a camel, just see it and observe its behavior, how it carries luggage and leads a caravan. If you want to interpret his dream and learn what camel means, you need to remember the details.

To dream of a camel, is a good sign. It means that it is not necessary to lose heart. You will finally be able to find a way out of a situation that recently seemed to be a deadlock.

If you dream that you are the owner of a camel, it means that you will be successful in all your endeavors, and will have a career growth.

If you dream that you are feeding a camel from hands, it means that your cherished dream will come true.

In the dream a camel spat at you, it is a sign that you need to beware of trouble from relatives or friends. Be careful, you can be betrayed by people whom you trust, and never expect such behavior.

To dream of a caravan of camels, it means to get some unexpected help from the outside, perhaps even from strangers or unfamiliar people. If the sick person sees a camel or caravan of camels, it means that the dreamer will experience a miraculous healing.

To dream of a weak or ill camel, it is a sign that you are very tired and need a break; all issues that bother you can be solved later on.

If you see a camel that is carrying a lot of things, it means that something oppresses and torments you, but you should remember, you can always find a way out, even in the most difficult situation. The help will necessarily come unexpectedly from the loved one, friends or work colleagues.

Before loading stuff on the camels, usually people put them on the knees, so it is believed that this animal symbolizes humility. Such dream could mean that the dreamer, is a person, which can’t refuse the request for help, even if it contradicts own plans.

However, if you see Bactrian camel, it can mean a good reward after hard work. Therefore, reliability sometimes is very useful. In addition, several animals together portend organization of persistent and stubborn people.

The dream about dromedary may have several different interpretations. It all depends on the circumstances. For example, an animal seen at Wednesday night, means problems with the boss.

Camel of unusual color, green or blue, gives a hope to meet a woman who would become a wife of the dreamer.

The black camel in a dream does not bode anything good. It means short relationship with a woman or partners. Sometimes it is a sign of disease with a fatal outcome.

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