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Camera - Meaning of Dream

A camera is not a very good sign in the dream. It portends troubles in different spheres of life. In order to avoid trouble, you may read the interpretation of this image in the dream book. Many details can substantially change the meaning of the dream.

Camera in a dream often means that you have to change something in your life, and these changes are not always pleasant. Be prepared to part with some unreliable people, even if you consider them to be your friends.

If you've seen the camera in a dream, it means that you will most likely to give up on loved ones, which you previously appreciated. Any manipulation with the camera in a dream (as in reality) makes you unconsciously understand that you would like to capture the moments of your life. Perhaps, your life is too active and turbulent, and you want to learn how to focus in life. But, now your position is unstable, because you have lost the sense of security.

But that is only the general interpretation of the camera in a dream.

If you see yourself as a camera man, holding it in your hands, it means that your loved one you betray you or just have a bad behavior towards you.

If you see yourself walking in a town or in the woods and filming lovely views on your camera, it means that you are the person, who is looking for meaning in own lives; you need to find a purpose, and not just exist without thinking.

Another thing, if you dream of a film or already captured footage. Such dream means that your business will boom, and dreams will come true. Surely you have a lot of things to do, and now it's time to get down to business. If you don’t put it off for tomorrow, you will be lucky in it.

If you are an object for the photographing, this dream can be interpreted literally: people are too attentive to you now. Watch for words and deeds, it is very easy to offend someone or to be misunderstood.

If you admire your photo in a dream, it means that you will fall on the face. You will be chased by rumors, and your work will be strictly judged by detractors. Be adequate, and the enemy will retreat!

Usually people treat the dreams frivolously. But many people, on the contrary, have dream books and meticulously remember the story of their dreams, trying to understand the hidden subtext. Some dreams really need attention - they warn us of danger or change for the worse. So even if you do not believe in a relation between a person and his subconscious, it is better look in the dream book at least sometimes.

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