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Campaign - Meaning of Dream

If you had a dream in which you become a direct participant in a socio-political campaign, it bodes that in real life you will have to overcome the stubborn resistance of conservatives and reactionaries when managing a new business.

If you held a charity campaign - most likely someone will ask your help and you couldn’t say "no", because in the past these people have helped you to get on the top of the career ladder.

Acting as the leading candidate in election campaign portends an open confrontation with the detractors. At the right time you will be able to gather strength and begin a desperate struggle against injustice, regardless of the power and wealth of the enemy.

Military campaign in a dream predicts that future circumstances will compel you to change your life radically. If you are a business man, think about how you can upgrade the business and take advantage of new scientific ideas. You will certainly get what you want, and competitors and enemies will be put to shame. It is possible that they will try to hurt you, resorting to the help of the influential people, but you will successfully repel all their attacks.

If you were an active campaigner for morality, this dream says that you feel invincible power and you are determined to push aside all obstacles on the way to your desired goal achievement.

In Miller’s dream book, a massive political campaign tells that you will openly oppose the conventional methods in financial affairs. Despite the opposition of enemies, you will act on your own original rules and will surely succeed.

If you held a religious campaign in a dream, it portends that you will make a significant financial donation to some charitable organization. The same dream for woman foretells that in an emergency she will be brave enough and will overcome all the difficulties that rise up on her way.