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Canary - Meaning of Dream

Canary is a symbol of joy, singing and music. The twitter of these beautiful birds has always fascinated people, so if you dreamed of a canary, it is considered as a good sign.

If you silently looked at the canary, it tells that in reality nothing terrible can happen to you. You may only have little troubles with colleagues, who still can’t harm your reputation.

The abundance of birds chirping and fluttering around you, predicts the joy and fun. If you heard a sweet canaries singing, this dream portends family well-being. Family relationships will soon improve significantly, and understanding and love will reign in your house. Only lie will be able to disrupt the idyll, so you should give up on the flattery and hypocrisy.

If you dream as if you buy a canary, in foreseeable future your life will greatly improve. You will inflate your sense of self-importance and will fully enjoy the success and honors.

If someone presented you a canary, this dream predicts inheritance. It is possible that it will be small, but the money is never superfluous.

If you let a canary fly from a birdcage, this is a bad omen, which promises losses and disappointments.

In Miller’s dream book, canary predicts unexpected but very pleasant events. If you were the happy owner of a cute canary, this dream promises honor, success and recognition. It is very possible that your romantic dreams will become true.

If the bird died in your dream, you will be betrayed by a close friend. If you dreamed of sweet canary singing in luxury apartments, you will experience pleasures and enjoyment.

If the canaries were unnaturally bright - unfortunately your hopes were not destined to come true; and you should blame your excessive credulity. After such a dream, beware of flattering promises, they can lead to the chagrin and resentment.