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Candle - Meaning of Dream

Candle, is a symbol of memories, hopes and prospects, calm, security, and secrets.

Depending on the situation, in which you have seen candles, it carries a connotation of romance, mystery, or supernatural events. In addition, the candle can be a symbol of security, as if it sheds light on what is happening around. Pay attention whether dreamed candles have ritual background in your dream, you hold them, or see other people doing it. Depending on what’s happening in a dream, you can determine the meaning of candle and correctly interpret a dream.

Burning candle means a chance of meeting with people, whom you have not seen for a long time. It could also herald new appointments and opportunities that will be beneficial.

A few burning candles with bright and large flame in a dream, indicate the occurrence of mutual understanding with others and happiness.

Blow out the candle in a dream promises disappointment. If the candle is extinguished itself by the wind, then absurd and unfounded rumors will appear around your name.

If you dream, as you see the candles produce, be sure that your hard work will be rewarded.

If you dream of a candle light in the night window, it is a sign of your higher power patronize, so that you can easily cope with all the problems and complex cases. In real life you may not even know about this protection, but it watches the events in your life and helps you.

If you dream of a candle which you cover with the hands to keep the flame from die out, then it symbolizes your goals. If the flame was saved from extinguishing, then you can achieve your goals. If it is, despite your effort, went out, the goal will not be achieved, and you will face sorrows and distress.

If you dream a lot of glowing candles, then soon happy times will come into your life. If you dream of a candle that you see in the hands of the deceased person, it is a sign of peace of mind.

If the candle in your dream burned with bright even light, it is a good omen. In this way, the fate tells you that soon you will meet with old friends. Maybe someone will come back from a trip abroad or some good friends will come to visit you from a neighboring state.

If dreamed of candle surrounded by other candles, and all of them are burning equally, it symbolizes a pleasant and carefree life. Your house will be filled with harmony and understanding, happiness will absorb you.

If you analyze you dream with candle, you might notice, that in most cases it has a positive meaning.

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