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Candy - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a candy in a nice wrapper but with bitter taste, it portends a meeting with a beautiful woman, but she will have a bad character; so the relationship will not work out, and you will be disappointed after such communication.

If you enjoy the excellent taste of chocolates, this is a harbinger of well-being. If a dreamer makes candy, in reality he/she will significantly improve the well-being because of own honesty, hard work and diligence.

If you just look at the candies, do not eat them and can’t predict the taste, it says that you still have the hope to win a loved one’s affection, who didn’t respond to your feelings before.

If a guy received several boxes of chocolates as a present, it bodes that he will face blatant harassment on the part of a middle-aged lady, who will be very difficult to escape, because the further progress up the career ladder will depend on this.

A candy is a dual symbol that could portend not only good but also bad, thus other elements of the dream are necessary when interpreting it.

If you see a candy in child’s hands, in reality you will have to spy your husband, and check whether he betrays you. If a dreamer received a box of expensive chocolates, it portends prosperity and good luck.

For an attractive lady, this dream can promise a meeting with a man, who would brazenly harass and dissemble, so she should avoid new acquaintances in the next month, otherwise her reputation will be badly damaged.

If a man is sending someone a box of chocolates as a gift, then soon he will propose a woman, but she will reject, and the dreamer will be depressed.

If a candy happened to have sour taste, you will have to suffer illness or vexation. Candy with a marvelous taste heralds a new love and secular meetings. If a candy had a honey taste, this dream is a symbol of a quick death.

If you eat sweet candies but among them you find one with a bitter taste, it tells that your friends will do a bad favor. If you found pepper in the candy, the dream foretells a prank, which will lead to unpredictable consequences with possible victims.