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Cannibal - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you suddenly encountered a cannibal, it's not a good sign, boding trouble and adversity. In the near future you will enter into an open confrontation with arch-enemy, who is aware of your strengths and weaknesses pretty well. Apparently, the conflict took shape long time before, and finally it is time for a fair fight. Gather all your courage, think of the tactics of defense and attack, think carefully about the strategy of a combat and do not be afraid - the victory will be yours.

If you dreamed of ogre at night on Thursday, this dream foretells a serious and protracted illness, with very dubious prospects for recovery. If cannibals imprisoned you - most likely, soon you will have to work in the company of heavy-handed, brutal and "bloodthirsty" person. Unfortunately, you won’t get rid of a heavy burden until the work is done. For a girl the same dream promises a scene of jealousy, where she will be the reason.

If cannibals wanted to cook you in a dream, it bodes that you will be suffering from hostility of surrounding people. If you managed to escape from cannibals, it tells that you will make your relatives worry about your life.

If the cannibals let you go, in real life you are going to receive good news. If in a dream you heard a scary story about cannibals, it tells that in reality you will be very angry with unexpected betrayal of the person, whom you used to fully trust. However, this vile person will necessarily suffer deserved punishment for own action and you will not need to fight for rectification of an injustice.

If you saw your friend playing the role of cannibal, it seems that in reality this person inspires you with fear.

If you were a cannibal, you will have the feeling of remorse for previously committed deeds. Woman after such a dream will ask her lover forgiveness for deception and craftiness.