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Cap (peaked cap) - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you buy or try a cap on, it foretells that in the near future you will have new troubles and worries. Most likely, there will be some important events that will occupy all your thoughts.

Black or dark cap portends thoughts of a negative character; bright or colorful cap promises that the upcoming troubles will be burdensome and very pleasant.

If you dreamed as if you sold your cap, such a dream foretells that you will easily shift your troubles to someone else.

If you presented a cap to someone, the dream tells that your friends and colleagues will certainly appreciate your innovative ideas.

If a shop assistant offered you a few options and you chose the best one on your opinion, it states that you will also have to make a difficult choice in reality and decide which way to go next. Take your time, think about all the terms and only then begin to act.

If you run wool-gathering, when observing a cap in a dream, it bodes a meeting with a very interesting and knowledgeable person, who can teach you a lot.

If you put a cap on your head, it is a good sign of upcoming news from nephews or children.

If you dreamed of a cap on a stranger’s head, it tells that you may surrender to pleasant memories of the past.

If you wore a cap backwards - get ready for a fateful meeting with a person, the communication with whom will make you radically revise own attitude towards life. Subsequently, you will thank God for the meeting with such an outstanding personality.

For girls and women, this dream promises the romantic affairs with manly and handsome men.

If the cap was blown off your head with the strong winds - this signifies that for some reason you will deceive your friends, constantly lying about your occupation. Branded cap with a logo warns of the possibility of fraud or deception.

In Miller’s interpretation a stylish and beautiful cap portends wide popularity and just incredible luck. Tacky and old cap foretells that soon you will have to abandon your property in someone's favor.