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Captain - Meaning of Dream

If a girl saw a captain as a key figure in her dream, she can get ready for a romantic acquaintance. This meeting promises serious development of relations, and most likely an upcoming marriage.

If you dreamed of a captain of the plane, you can get ready to achieve the honorary status, an important position in society or work. Also, some dream books argue that this dream portends great intrinsic activity that can help a person make progress towards reaching certain goals. In making serious decisions and committing active steps - it's a great sign, indicating a crucial victory. According to other sources, this symbol can mean the appearance of long forgotten memories.

The captain is a symbol of nobility and courage, a certain unattainable and romanticized character.

If you are a captain it tells that soon you will receive urgent, important and responsible duties. Perhaps you will be promoted, your competence will grow and the responsibilities will extend.

A captain in a dream also prepares you for pretty hard and oppressive affairs, causing great mental and physical weariness.

Esoteric dream books states that if a person in a dream sees a captain, he/she needs a mentor in reality. In this case, you need to follow the instructions of more experienced person, an older friend or colleague. But it also means that it's time to stop being afraid of great responsibility, or hide behind the authority of the management. Most likely, you have a sufficient amount of experience and knowledge that will help you to feel own importance and achieve success.

Dream book of Miller has its own explanation and interpretation for a dream about a captain. If a person saw a captain from afar, the dream tells that he/she is going to carry out all the noblest motives in life, almost without facing hindrance from the outside.

For a woman a dream, in which she sees her lover in naval uniform, portends unjustified jealousy. If a sailor or a captain asks a lady to dance, this dream warns about her frivolous and challenging behavior in reality. Not taking into account such a sign, she can be blamed for breaking the relationship with her soul mate.

According to Gypsy Dream Interpretation, a dream about a captain portends the hard choices that will affect many people. Ponder over it carefully, because the result will be decisive in very important matter.

In any case, a captain is a very strong character. Its appearance in dreams often signals the need to take more responsibility for own actions, and not to make disorderly and careless deeds.