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Car crash - Meaning of Dream

Car crash in the dream is an expression of self-criticism and work at self-improvement. You are tired and you need to care about yourself more.

If you see a friend dying in a car crash, it means that you have a hidden aggression towards this person.

If you see yourself hurt in a car crash, the dream means that you will suffer because of your private life. Somebody can betray you.

To see yourself or some people dying in a car crash means that in real life you feel anger and offense towards your relatives. Be careful with strong negative emotions, otherwise you will be merged in troubles.

When a lady gets into a car crash, it means that her plans in real life will collapse. If she doesn’t take part in a car crash, it means that something bad will happen with her fellow man, indirectly concerning her.

If you had a car crash with already dead relatives, this dream means that you will have complications in the trip.

To prevent a car crash in a dream, means that your problems in life will be successfully solved.

To see a lot of cars in a crash – you might lose your vigilance in affairs while relying on somebody else.

To get into a car crash because of inattentiveness is a symbol that your distraction in real life can destroy you.

If you can’t control a car on high speed, it means that you rush too much in real life.

If you don’t take part in a car crash, be ready for a business meeting with stupid and silly person.

To see your car damaged a lot in a crash, such a dream has a meaning of fear of death.