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Car Rental - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you drive a car which you rent, it is the interpretation of your unavailability to make important decisions. You don’t want or afraid to make a decision, nevertheless somebody is waiting until you make this vital step in life. It is important now to grow up and be responsible for own action and future.

If you break a rented car in a dream, in real life you will be disappointed with your decisions. Sometimes it can lead to break up with your partner. If you want to preserve your relation, you need to learn how to strike a compromise. Perhaps, your partner thinks that you are too all-sufficient, and you don’t need him/her. You have to prove the opposite. Otherwise, you will make a decision alone and again will neglect his/her opinion.

If you dream that you see own car in a Car Rental station, it means that you have to be careful, somebody tries to deceive you. Pay more attention to your surrounding and you will be able to reveal the deceiver easily. The worst conclusion of such situation is that this person might appear to be the one whom you trust the most.

If you choose a car in Car Rental - you will be appreciated among your colleagues. These will not be just groundless appraisals; you have earned such attention with the help of your hard work and persistence in situations which seemed to be useless.