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Car - Meaning of Dream


Car in the dream is a symbol of future results of human activity. It can symbolize both positive and partly negative results of various affairs. It also foretells how the ideas will be implemented.

Sometimes dream about cars can simply contain an image. For example, you can walk along various car showrooms and shop for a car.

Car in the dream that just stands and doesn’t move, heralds a trip or journey, where you can get a lot of positive emotions. Less obvious are the changes in your life.

If you felt a clear desire to buy a car seen in a dream, or even dreamed of a buying procedure, it promises the restoration of good state. For example, all your detractors who thoroughly smeared your reputation will disappear.

Selling a car, in contrast, is a sign of bad changes. However, if you are ready for that, the loss can be avoided.

If you drive a car, in a distant trip, it is a clear indication: if you show sufficient activity, the luck will accompany even the most difficult task.

If you sit behind the wheel, it is better to pay attention to your health, otherwise you can get sick.

Broken-down car or car accident, predicts potential trouble. However, it will not be as important. For example, a trip to the zoo or cinema will not bring the expected joy.

But if you see a car that runs smoothly and quietly, avoiding a possible accident, it means that you will avoid dealing with people who might be hostile to the planned business.

If you see how you get out of the car, it is the time to act; all undertakings will be carried out successfully.

If the car is driven on a wide and straight road, it is a sign of fruition without any obstacles. Vehicle brand determines your situation at the moment.

If you are used to drive an expensive car, but you see yourself in a cheap car in the dream, it is a sign of your social status changes not in the better way. If on the contrary, you switched to more expensive car in the dream, you will experience serious profits and upward move in career.

In the dream you left your car somewhere and can’t find it, this dream warns of the difficulties that were provoked by you.

If you see a car, which you have just bought, it means that you will experience profit, success, interesting travel and new friends.

But if the car breaks down in a dream, your luck may be prevented by unexpected circumstances.

Broken body can symbolize the disorder of your affairs. If a broken car is white, it means that your happiness will be spoiled by some problems, quarrels and unpaid loans. If it is black, you might experience mourning.

To dream of a car with a broken headlight, which stands near the house of your friends, means that you will receive bad news from your friends.

If you see a car with broken windows, in real life your expectations and hopes might crash.

If you dream that someone intentionally breaks your car, you will have a big quarrel with someone of your relatives.

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