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Carcanet - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a very expensive carcanet which you buy for yourself - in reality you will find out something very joyful. Coincidently, the more expensive this piece of jewelry will be, the more joyful news this dream will bring.

If you received a carcanet as a gift decorated with precious stones - soon you will be offered something very interesting.

If a girl dreamed of her real boyfriend presenting her a carcanet, it forebodes that in upcoming future she will marry him.

A necklace decorated with pearls portends sad days. The same dream for a woman foretells sudden feeling of suspicion about the fidelity of her husband or lover. And it will be accompanied by jealousy scenes.

For a woman, a dreaming of diamond carcanet which she wears portends upcoming disappointment with a loved one.

If you dream of a carcanet, which is hidden in a safe under lock and key, it tells that you will fall in love with a person, who will not be your partner for life. If you lose or break a carcanet, this dream portends bad events.

According to Miller, if you received a precious carcanet as a gift, in upcoming days you will be surprised with unexpected proposal. You will consider it rather tempting and most likely will accept it. For a woman, such a dream foretells the imminent marriage, but only on condition that the necklace is presented by her fiancé, friend or lover.

If you bought a necklace alone, then there is a risk of finding a work with very poor conditions. You may accept it, because of high offered salary; but most likely, you will be disappointed.

If a man dreams of exclusively beautiful carcanet and he wants to buy it as a gift, but he does not have enough cash, this dream tells that he likes a woman who is inaccessible. The same dream for a woman heralds a feeling of disappointment and frustration.

In Vanga’s dream book, if you received an expensive and beautiful necklace and were pleased with this gift, but suddenly noticed a broken lock, this dream shows that your plans will be impossible to implement.

If you wore an expensive necklace, and then suddenly discovered that it disappeared, such a dream tells about your selflessness. You give preference to the highest ideals and do not pay attention to the material; the only thing you want is to be useful to people.

If you found a carcanet, it signifies that you like to live at others’ expense. If you presented someone an expensive carcanet, it indicates that your main desire is honor and glory.