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Card - Meaning of Dream

If in your dream you’re playing cards just for fun, it foretokens that all your plans and hopes for the future will come true. The circumstances will be favorable for it, either because of pure luck, or hard efforts you’ve put in it.

Also, such a dream bodes you sound health. If you ail, you’ll cure your illness very soon. Even if there is slight malady, don’t be lazy and apply to a doctor for an efficient treatment. We shouldn’t ignore even the slightest health disorders. Thinking that there is nothing to worry about, we can put ourselves in jeopardy.

But if you’re playing for money in your dream, it threatens serious problems in the future, which may concern any sphere of your life. Beware of potential troubles.

If a girl/woman is seeing her beloved playing cards in her dream, it implies that his intentions toward her are not sincere. He wants something from her; there is some benefit for him from their relationships. If you saw such a dream, don’t trust your partner blindly. Check his frankness, if there is such an opportunity. Maybe, such a dream is a kind of warning for you.

Being lucky in cards in your dream means that soon you’ll get acquainted with new people, who’ll become your faithful friends in the future. They will give you a helping hand in tough for you situations. Moreover, your meeting will be purely accidental. It’ll be a real cherry pie for you.

But seeing in your dream that you’re losing a game is an unfavorable sign, which presages failures in your attempts to build romantic relations. Also, this sign refers to your business life. It is also unfavorable in this sphere. There will appear some difficulties on your way, which won’t be easy to smooth away. You’ll fall on evil days. Business problems may trigger the additional ones. Still, don’t lose your heart! Don’t give up and do what you must. You’ll see that very soon the situation will become better.

If in your dream you or someone else is building a house of cards, it bodes good news in the future, which will influence the stream of your life very successfully.

Seeing that someone is conjuring card tricks or do it yourself in your dream, represents you as a source of joy and happiness for the people who surround you. Perhaps, you’ll bring wonderful news or prepare a surprise. In any case, you’ll cheer someone up, thus people’s attitude to you will be positively changed. The secret is to do it sincerely.

Seeing a pack of cards symbolizes your anxieties; shuffling the pack implies troubles. Diamonds denote quarrels and conflicts; hearts stand for meeting pleasant people; clubs foreshadow money and well-being and spades betoken sorrow and distress.

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