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Carnival - Meaning of Dream

A dream as if you were having fun at the carnival, promises you a fun pastime, exciting travel, vacation in the company of best friends and a meeting with interesting people. Soon you will participate in a cheerful holiday/celebration, where you will surely receive a lot of vivid impressions and will meet nice people.

If you watch the carnival from the outside but can’t take part in the entertainment, be ready for troubles at home and unexpected difficulties in the important matters. Sometimes the dream testifies the fact that soon you'll be disappointed with your loved one, as he/she will perform some low act.

If you dream of a carnival, masquerade or festival, where all guests are dressed in ridiculously ugly costumes, this is a bad omen, promising failures, disappointment in love and the cooling of relations with relatives.

If you went to a carnival without a mask, but the faces of all the guests were hidden, probably, soon you will become an unwitting victim in a strange affair. Also, this dream foretells loneliness and the complete failure in the commercial enterprise, which had many hopes to ensure.

In Miller’s dream book, a colorful, cheerful and fun carnival is a good sign, indicating that in reality you will soon have a happy holiday or will participate in an unusual, but very impressive entertainment. In some cases, carnival portends unscheduled travels abroad in order to see the sights and have fun and relaxation.

A dream about carnival in costumes, with clowns in scary masks, tells that in reality you are threatened with family quarrels and breach between friends. For business people, this dream promises disorder in affairs and conflicts with partners, the result for which will be significant losses.

For people in love this dream also doesn’t portend happiness – love will be unrequited, and will cause a lot of suffering and frustration.