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Carpet - Meaning of Dream


If you see yourself selling carpets (especially if it is successful) in the dream, it promises a joyful and useful journey that will change your views on the world. Ornate gold-embroidered carpet means wealth. If you dreamed of a loft, lined with old, faded carpet, it means that you must prepare for hard times.

Sudden wealth, perhaps winning the lottery, promises a dream in which you saw yourself sleeping in a room fully hung with carpets.

If the girl dreams about the room entirely hung with carpets, this girl will marry soon; and her soul mate will be a person with high status in society, and will have a lot of money.

If you cover one carpet with another one, it means that you will establish stability in your career.

If you sweep dirt under the carpet, it is a clear sign that your life is a complete secret.

To stand on the carpet, is a sign of new acquisitions; construction of houses, villas, buying an apartment.

If you clean a carpet, it means that you should reconsider your business affairs or at transactions at work, they need a long time to be placed in order.

If you see a new carpet, just made with a tissue machine, it means that you will have to manage the upcoming venture that will end up successfully.

In general, the dream about carpet symbolizes wealth, fast profits, and not always in an honest way, good luck and career advancement.

Carpet, itself, is the personification of a carefree family life, and mutual happiness. Meaning of the dream of the carpet depends on the type of its drawings and coloring. Orange or yellow pattern on the carpet means a happy family life. The material of the carpet also matters.

So, velvet carpet represents cheerful, laid-back flirting with a stranger; wool carpet means trouble in family relations.

If you see a carpet on the threshold at the entrance to the house, it means that unexpected guests will visit your house.

Dancing on the carpet means that you will celebrate the successes of friends. Carpet with floral pattern bright and catchy promises love and happiness.

If children's toys are scattered on the carpet, it means a new addition to the family.

If you see food on the carpet, it symbolizes prosperity and enrichment.

Dreaming of purchasing a carpet promises easy money. Moreover, in case you need, your friends are ready to help.

For unmarried girls, a dream with carpet means a successful marriage and family happiness.

If you dream of a carpet at night on Monday, it is a sign of the happy news. If the carpet is seen on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, it is a sign of discouragement. On Saturday night or Sunday it is addition to the family.

If you see yourself walking on silk carpets, it means that you will experience luxury and influence; however, you may suffer from excessive desires and greed.

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