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Carriage / Coach - Meaning of Dream

Coach is a symbol of antiquity. This mean of transport has always been an attribute of luxury life. Not everyone could afford to have a carriage. So often this image is associated with some dreams and romantic fantasies.

In addition, the coach can be the symbol of the movement, a certain way, purposeful move towards the target. In a broader sense, this sign can be perceived as a reflection of personal destiny. It is necessary to find out in detail what the coach means.

If you see a coach, this is the best sign that success is sure to come in reality together with cash inflow. Well, this is possible if the coach was nice and richly decorated, and harnessed with well-groomed horses.

For girls, this dream is a guarantee of the interesting acquaintances. There will be a lot of fans; probably a girl will meet her future husband.

If in a dream you had a ride on a carriage, and it didn’t matter where you went, it tells that in reality you proceed to your goal very slowly, and you may be interfered by the illusion that you live in. The slow movement does not always mean failure. It just means that the way to the desired thing becomes longer. It can be accelerated by the rejection from the empty dreams and the transition to action. It is best to make a plan, which may normalize the deeds.

If you control the movement of a coach, such a journey in a dream portends changes. They will appear very soon in your life, and at first may frighten you with swiftness; moreover you will experience a sharp turn of events in life.

If the coach ran on a flat, straight road, and it was easy to manage, it tells that in reality everything will also develop smoothly. If you dreamed about potholes and broken road, this dream portends difficulties. It will be not easy to adapt to the new conditions, but you won’t regret about the changes; the result will surprise even the skeptics.