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Cashier desk - Meaning of Dream

A cashier desk / cash register represents dishonesty and ambivalent attitude to life. If you've seen the cashier at the store, and there were many people in the queue, it tells that there are many insincere people around you, who only pretend to be friends, but in reality they are not. It is useless to reveal their false nature - they will still turn their backs on you as soon as they get the needed.

If a cash register in your dream was empty, there is a high probability that you will be left without the promised fee in a dishonest way.

If you take all money out of the cashier, in reality you will have the great but empty money spending.

In Miller’s dream book, if you open a cashier desk and discover no money inside, this signals that you do not have enough money even for bare essentials.

If you force open the cash register, in life you will have a good inflow of money. If you communicate with a cashier in a dream, you will have significant improvements in the financial sector. In addition, you will have new companions with whom you will reach unprecedented material gains.

If you hide a cashier, it is an omen that your family will often bother you with requests to lend them money.

According to Vanga, if you pay money to the cashier in a dream, this is a sign that you have a chance to invest in the very profitable business, significantly changing your financial situation for the better. If you dreamed of a lot of money in the cash register, this dream tells that you will have thriving love relationships.

If you stand in a line at the cashier, this is a bad sign. If you plan a purchase in real life, you won’t carry out your intentions. If you receive money at the cashier desk, you will face illness or extreme fatigue. In order to avoid the overwork, you ought to think about the relaxation and rest as quickly as possible.

If you rob the cashier, in Freud's dream book, it is interpreted as the decisive action to win the heart of your loved one. This dream foretells you victory in the struggle with an opponent for a beloved one’s attention. However, in this case you may resort to unworthy ways and methods.

If you dream of a cashier desk in a bank and you argue in the queue, this dream tells that your excess pressure can cause separation from a partner, and your aggression can offend him/her for a long time. Long queue next to the cashier desk signifies that you have numerous sexual encounters.