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Casino - Meaning of Dream

Casino is a symbol of good luck. Fortune favors those who are willing to take risks. For this they have been rewarded by easy and fast money.

But the realities of life show that it does not happen too often. Most people lose in casino. Therefore, some misfortunes are connected to this dream. Impoverishment, that's what many people think when speaking about the casino.

Such a dream is interesting for its various interpretations. This is the case when you can observe the opposite work of the system. Meaning of casino in the dreams depends on the outcome of the game.

Play Casino. If a person sees the game itself, and its result is unclear or does not even matter to the player, in life he/she will experience upcoming household chores. There will be a lot of troubles, besides they require certain expenses.

If you place bets in the dream, it is a sign of ridicule. Unpleasant tricks will be experienced from colleagues or friends.

To work in a casino. If you see a dream about casino where you work as a dealer, it means that in reality it is worth waiting for some gift from fate. A pleasant surprise will be very extraordinary. Such dream for a girl is also a happy sign. It means that soon she will have a wedding with a successful and wealthy man.

To lose in the casino. Usually the dream about casino where a person losses, portends profit for the dreamer. Improving of the financial situation may be the result of some bargain. But there is also a chance that money will suddenly appear from nowhere. And you shouldn't put any effort for that. Amounts of money seen in the dream also mean a lot. The more you lose, the greater will be the state of reality.

Winning at the casino. Surprisingly, but such dream could mean loss that soon you will suffer in reality. The greater the amount that you win in a dream, the bigger will be the loss in reality.

A dream in which a person has won in a slot machine, but it does not give money, it's a warning: do not rely on the honesty of business partners. Each oral agreement must be regularized in writing, signed and sealed. Otherwise there is a great risk of being cheated.

Also it is worth to be skeptical to dreams where you win a large sum in the lottery or gamble: this dream is not a guarantee of real winning. In any case not worth of the risk! Win in casino a large amount or just winning money in a dream, is a pleasant and fun pastime at the expense of others. If you win a card game, it means that you will be justified before the law with the help of huge efforts.

If you dream that your enemy wins in casino, portends the onset of full idyll and harmony in family relationships and a sharp rise in business activity. If you win a bet, it is a sign of favor of fate. There will be a streak of luck and good fortune in your life.

To dream of a lucky lottery ticket, it means that you will have a pleasant monetary surprise. For business people this dream foretells a very good deal.

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