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Cassette - Meaning of Dream

A cassette in a tape recorder foretells that in reality you will make a profitable investment of your money. For a woman this is a successful purchase.

If you bought a videotape or was just holding it in your hands, in reality you will become an unwitting witness, and perhaps also a direct participant in unscrupulous act of your good friend, which you will greatly regret about later on.

If a cassette in your dream has suddenly broken, it tells that soon you will find an honorable way out of the imbroglio, which you got trapped in because of your own stupidity.

If you saw a few cassettes, most likely you will have to make a difficult choice. Take your time and think about everything thoroughly, in order not to make a real mess of things.

If you thoughtfully watched a videotape, it is a good omen that promises a wonderful holiday in a fun and friendly company.

If you were selling pirated copies of video and audio cassettes, get ready for losses or disagreements with business partners.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you were listening to the music on the audio cassette, it tells that you are a cheerful and optimistic person.

If you heard the voices of close people recorded on the cassette, most likely, you do not have enough tenderness and warmth.

If a cassette recorder suddenly jammed a tape, get ready for setbacks and difficulties. Try not to be discouraged, as this dream foretells that you will certainly cope with the problem, although not as quickly as you would like. Be patient and everything will be fine.

According to Freud, if you put a cassette in a tape recorder and listened to the melodic well-known music, most likely that soon you will think about returning to the city of your childhood. It is noteworthy that in the beginning you will be unsure about this trip, but when you find yourself in long-familiar places and see old friends, you will realize that the decision was correct.

If you listened to exciting and acute music - alas, but you will have to perform very unwelcome, but still necessary work.