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Castle - Meaning of Dream

Castle symbolizes mystery, which is not easy to reveal or disclose. If you see a castle in a dream, it tells that you have something to hide and you firmly try to keep the secret.

If a young unmarried girl dreamed of a castle, she will enquire a secret that might not be very pleasant for her. So she shouldn’t listen to gossips and speculation.

Even if the girl is suffering from excessive curiosity, the castle warns her of dangers that might appear from nowhere; therefore before starting something, it is necessary to think of results.

The interpretation of a dream about a castle lies in the fact that: the mystery can hurt some people and bring sadness in their liver, for others on the contrary it will help to uncover the new quality of life.

For a young man, a dream about castle means that secret which he learned will soon be revealed and will no longer be a mystery. If he felt comfortable in a dream with a castle, it bodes that the mystery will be the lucky charm for him. If a young man feels lonely in the castle, it tells that the secret will not cause anything good.

If the castle is seen by elderly people, they need to be especially careful, because a huge amount of secrets has accumulated during their lives, which can lead to sorrows and strife in the family and with children. So try to make your secrets remain with you till your dying day.

For children, a castle portends unlimited happiness and advancement that will accompany them for the life. For people who have families, a castle portends protection. Try to analyze your desires and capabilities in order to realize it in the future.