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Cat - Meaning of Dream

A symbol of a cat in your dream is an unfavorable one, which concerns your private life the most. It always stands for a misfortune except the dreams, when you manage to drive it away. Then you’ll be able to avoid it.

If you’re seeing a cat, look out – you may be deceived! Don’t trust anyone totally because many people are ready to take advantage of it. If there are some offers, always consider them from all angles, weigh pros and cons not to swallow the hook. Sometimes your trustfulness and naivety may lead to negative consequences. You may suffer material losses or be hurt physically or morally.

Seeing a dream where a cat is attacking you warns you that soon you’ll have many enemies. Mind what you do and what you say. Don’t ever break moral principles. That can be one of the reasons of making enemies. Although, there can appear some ill-wishers, when you don’t even suspect. Their appearance doesn’t depend on your wrong actions; it rather depends on your right ones. To put it in other words, they just envy because they cannot reach the heights you’ve achieved or they don’t have what you have. Then it is not your problem but theirs. But if you’re chasing this cat away in your dream, you’ll overcome them and nobody will cast slur on your reputation.

If there is a skinny, dirty cat with tousled hair, it is a bad sign which may foretoken health problems. Take care of your own health as well as of the people you love. It’s them who can have some diseases. If some slight malady makes you worry, don’t put off a visit to a doctor. Don’t grudge time and money needed for a full medical examination. You cannot be too careful. But if you’ve chased such a cat away, nothing will threaten you.

If a girl/woman is seeing in her dream that she is holding a cat or a kitten in her arms, it is also an unfavorable sign. It indicates that she’ll take part in some dishonorable business. Be on the alert before accepting some suspicious offer. Think twice before you agree to deal with people you hardly know and whom you don’t trust because then you won’t be able to avoid problems. There also can be the ones with the law.

Seeing a white cat in a dream forebodes you nothing good. It signifies that very soon you’ll be confronted by problems of different kind. Your life will be wallowed in confusion and mess. Both business and domestic life will be severely damaged. Also, you should be ready to a betrayal of one of your best friends. A black cat also symbolizes unfaithfulness but a woman’s one.

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