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Catch - Meaning of Dream

In modern dream book you can find many different interpretations to the dreams where you catch something. Thus, if you try to catch the birds, it forebodes that you will waste your time for chatter and questionable entertainment. If you chase and try to catch the animals – get ready for promotion. You are going to overcome all obstacles and prove that you're the best. If you catch fish with bait and a fishing rod, this dream indicates the futility of your activity. Your family won’t receive any income from it. And if you dream of fishing with prohibited methods, it foretells that you will come into conflict with the authorities and the law.

If you caught thieves, it reflects your love for shopping. If someone was able to catch you, this dreaming tells that you will wiggle out of the unpleasant situation and avoid punishment.

Miller interpreted fish as harsh trials of life. You have to meet them with courage, try to keep up your spirits, and then you will have power to overcome them. If you catch fish with a dragnet, it tells that you are a man of enterprise, and because of this you will have wealth and well-being. If you observe other people catching fish, it tells that using a burst of energy you will properly dispose of the circumstances. The lack of a catch tells that you are too fussy, and this feature disturbs you from doing a lot of useful things. If you want to catch fish with fishing net but you notice that it is torn, the dream bodes disappointment and unfortunate situation. If you buy fishing hooks and plan to catch fish with a fishing rod, this dream suggests that you need to arrange your own destiny.

In Freud's interpretation, if you catch fish in a dream, it means that you can’t escape from your problems, even during sex. It does not allow you to relax and enjoy intimacy; moreover you do not please your partner because of this. A dream warns that inability to forget about problems during sex may result in inability to relax and can have a negative impact not only on the intimate sphere of your life, but also on your work. If you didn’t catch anything, it states that on a subconscious level you are afraid to goof during a sexual contact.