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Caterpillar - Meaning of Dream

In the dream state the person opens some opportunities to look into the future, but it is important to know how to interpret and understand the dream.

To dream of a caterpillar in most cases is a negative omen. This dream usually foreshadows a betrayal, deceit, nuisance, gossip and sordid, despicable acts of envious.

On the other hand, if you crush caterpillars in the dream, it means victory over the enemy and ill-wishers.

Dream interpretation of Vanga: caterpillar is not a precursor to adverse events. The dream can mean rebirth, successful changes, and new acquaintances. In some cases, selfishness, betrayal of friends, internal conflict; invasion of caterpillars of the garden and its devastation by them, is a harbinger of the presence of detractors in the circle of friends, acting under the guise of a good friend.

If you see caterpillars falling on you, it means that the cause of your failure is selfishness; transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, is a sign of new opportunities, you need to be careful about what is happening. To crush caterpillar, means disappointment because of treachery and betrayal of friends, and loved ones.

Female Dream Book says, that caterpillar, means meeting with unreliable and unpleasant people. Veles dream book: caterpillar, deception and betrayal of false friends; catch a caterpillar, a bad marriage; crush caterpillar, good luck.

According to dream interpretation by Freud, caterpillar is a sign of a meeting with a person of the opposite sex, who will remain unappreciated. This will cause a cold attitude to this person, as later will cause regret regarding this behavior and the inability to correct the situation.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century: a lot of caterpillars, damage and loss; caterpillar for a girl, pregnancy.

As seen from the interpretations there may be different consequences after the dream with caterpillar. Basically, this dream means an adverse sign, but do not worry too much, because the dream gives a person the opportunity to neutralize offensive negative event.

This dream is given to you as a sign that you need to think about relationships with others. In the improvement of these relations you might find the reserve of harmony in life.

Dream book of Wanderer: caterpillar, increased opportunity for spiritual improvement and development. French dream book: caterpillar, upcoming love, worthy man; see yourself covered with caterpillars, malevolence of enviers and loss.

Dream interpretation of Medea: caterpillar, get ready for the difficulties in achieving the goals, including illnesses; many caterpillars, a significant loss, the machinations of enemies. Dream interpretation of Miller: caterpillar, the meeting with the vile and hypocritical people.

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