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Caviar - Meaning of Dream


Among the wide variety of dreams and their meanings there are such dreams, which you want to see all over again and again, as they are very pleasant to us.

The dream in which you see a lot of things that you like in real life, and what you can’t resist, is the kind which you want to see every night. So now, let's talk about a dream in which you see caviar.

No matter, whether you see, eat, bath in it or treat it to the guests, most importantly, that you saw caviar, and now you are at the right place to check its interpretation.

Virtually every detail of your dream is crucial for its interpretation; however, before you read the downers, try to remember everything that was in your dream.

If you dream you take caviar out of the fish alone, it means that soon in the nearest future you will be greatly surprised.

If you dream that you buy caviar, it means that your financial situation will soon improve.

For a young woman to see caviar in her dream is a sign that she might soon become pregnant, which is desirable for her.

According to downers, it is also important what kind of caviar you see in your dream.

Red caviar, which you eat, is a sign of deception; black, means surprise; liquid, eggplant or squash, means that someone will present you a good gift.

According to another version, to eat red caviar in a dream, means to win in something, black, means that soon you will experience separation from a loved one, or other blood relative.

A dream, in which you lay in provisions for the winter with vegetables, squash, eggplant or mushroom paste, in real life you often lack of the patience to move the matter to its logical conclusion.

Caviar in the dream brings you profits. Profit will not be necessarily monetary, it can be a profit in the family that is the birth of a child, the profit on the farm, the cat will come to your house and you will be a shelter to it.

If in your dream that you see caviar, but do not touch it and do not eat it, in life you'll get the sympathy from a man whom you like for a long time now.

According to one of the dream books, if you dream about buying caviar, soon you will forget about the disease that had tormented you.

If you dreamed of a smartly laid table on which there is not only red, but also black caviar, it means that soon you should be prepared for a grand banquet or an important presentation, which will end up with a lavish party and acquaintance with nice people, which will play a rather important role in the development your career. And it does not matter, whether you ate caviar or just saw it on the table.

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