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Celebrity - Meaning of Dream

Celebrity in the modern dream book portends upcoming trouble, unfortunately, without any positive result, although you have counted a lot on it.

If you accidentally met a famous actor or singer, and asked for an autograph, this dream predicts rapid career growth or patronage of a wealthy and influential person. His interest in you is fraught with scandals among family members that can end up in divorce.

If in a dream you acted as a world known celebrity, in reality you might experience a bitter disappointment because you can’t size up your abilities correctly.

If you rendered an important service to a celebrity, in reality you will blame your fate, because you can’t realize own potential.

If you were dating with a celebrity, apparently in real life you love yourself too much and you are sure that soon great accomplishments will happen. You find it difficult to focus on the minutiae of everyday life, because you are quite tedious person.

If you nicely talked with a celebrity, it indicates that you are a suspicious and distrustful person, so do not be surprised with your loneliness.

Miller interpreted a celebrity as a herald of positive changes in business sphere. You may be offered a higher salary or promotion.

If you dreamed of an outstanding scientist - this is a warning: when making a significant decision that can dramatically change your life, be careful, do not forget that appearances are deceiving.

Conversation with a celebrity foreshadows the improvement in material conditions; autographs - significant profit in a commercial enterprise.

If you found yourself on the social event among many famous people, it bodes a decent post that you will get in the foreseeable future, and this will make you climb the career ladder very fast.