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Chaplet - Meaning of Dream

In a dream chaplet means that the dreamer will have a long and problematic task/deal, which therefore will bring good profit.

If somebody presents you chaplet, it means that you will have strong and serene relations with your partner.

If you lost chaplet or it is torn, it means that you will regret a lot about your deeds/actions.

To see very colorful and bright chaplet means to live long and happily, without problems. But if beads are black – you will have a spell of bad luck.

Red chaplet means that passion and emotions between you and your partner are growing bigger. Don’t jump in feet first, think with your head not heart.

If a chaplet is very long – you will have a new love romance.

If you wanted to buy a chaplet but you didn’t have enough money, it means that soon you will receive a good present.

You see a gorgeous chaplet on your neck, this dream means that very soon you will buy a very expensive thing.

If you present chaplet to somebody – you need to be very careful in real life. Soon you will have big problems because of your partner.

In a dream you see pearl chaplet, it means that you will be protected by powerful person. Sometimes this dream means sorrow, grief and gloom.

If you pick up beads of your chaplet, it means devastation. You will be poor and will have unsuccessful marriage.