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Charity - Meaning of Dream

Charity is not a univocal dream image. It can be interpreted rather differently.

According to some dream interpretations books, being engaged in charity means that you are too concentrated at other people’s problems; you are too engrossed in searching a way to help them. There is no doubt that your readiness to help others is a good and even noble quality. You set a very good example for your children with such deeds; you show them that they must prove their words with corresponding actions. It is their power and virtue. But often being busy with this, you totally forget about your own and your family’s needs. What is meant here is not only satisfying material needs, but also emotional ones. Apparently, you are not at home as often as they would like to have you; they are starving for your attention and display of affection; they want to communicate with you more and spend more time in general. Don’t deprive them of that. Try to combine these missions. If you really want it, you’ll find the way. Don’t ever forget who your dearest people are.

Another dream books say that if you are devoted to charity in your dream, you may suffer great financial losses in the nearest future. Perhaps, it will happen in the result of unprofitable investments into some company or business affair. You’ll swallow the bait which can be critical for your well-being. So, keep a weather eye open. Before transferring your money on some account, consult competent people. If this undertaking seems unreliable to you, give it up. It will be better for you; you’ll be in safe. There will obligatory appear another variant for the investments, less slippery, which will bring you big money.

If someone helps you in your dream, it is a favorable sign. It implies that very soon you’ll gain great success. All troubles that bother you will die out. But you shouldn’t totally rely on fortune and sit back doing nothing. You won’t ever gain anything if you don’t make titanic efforts. Nothing comes to us out of a clear blue sky. So, if you wish to be successful as soon as possible, you must prove that you’re worth of it.

If a girl/woman is seeing that she’s met a sponsor in her dream, it is an omen of misfortune in her private life. Perhaps, she’ll be greatly disappointed with her partner. We’d like to advise her not to be depressed. It is better to learn something unpleasant about some person earlier before your relationships go too far.