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Cheetah - Meaning of Dream


A cheetah image in your dream stands for your characteristics as a person and partly for the changes in your private life. It symbolizes your professional potential mainly.

If in your dream a cheetah is attacking you, it characterizes you as a defenseless and weak person. You are never in the thick of things but aside. Usually, you do what you are told, even if you don’t agree with this. For you it is always easier to accept somebody’s point of view than to prove your own. Also, you’re too kind to other people. Among them are the ones who don’t deserve and appreciate your kind attitude to them. If you aren’t going to change yourself, you’ll hardly achieve more than you have now in your life. Just ask yourself, whether you’re satisfied with who you are today; is this all you want from life? Then everything will clear up. If your answer is “No”, it’s time to do something. Try to become more confident in yourself. If you have some idea on your mind, which you’d like to bring to life, become determined, decisive and strong. Without these traits of character your chances to overcome all the obstacles on your way to success (usually, there are a lot of them) are nil.

Seeing in a dream that you’re fighting with a cheetah and winning represents that you’re able to solve any problem due to your fast footwork. Even the most difficult ones are within your depth. That’s why don’t be afraid of taking a new job. In spite of the fact that you’re a novice in some area and your knowledge can be insufficient, you’ll fill the lacunas very quickly.

If in your dream you’re in a zoo looking at a cheetah in a cage, it designates that you’ll become very successful under a condition that you’ll manage to beat your rivals in this very situation. This competitiveness is the most serious obstacle you have to overcome to gain success.

Riding a cheetah in your dream warns you against the difficulties that you’ll have to face very soon. Their smoothing away will require from you determination. You’ll cope with them showing courage, prudence, persistence, decisiveness and your mother wit.

If in your dream you’re seeing a cheetah growling at you, it cautions you against the approaching danger.

Also, seeing a cheetah in a dream forebodes a companion with a head on his shoulders. He/she will be very helpful in your business, which will develop successfully. Thus, your welfare will also become better. You’ll have money to burn. Enjoy having such opportunities to the maximum!

If a man is seeing this graceful animal in his dream, it betokens a meeting with not less graceful girl in the nearest future.

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