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Cherry-plum - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you buy cherry-plum, means that you are worried and nervous without purpose. If you eat cherry-plum in the dream, due to dream interpretation this is a bad sign, you might be deceived.

No matter, you eat a sour or a sweet cherry-plum, in any case be ready for a hard period in your life. Only with some time you will be able to understand what to do. In any case it is necessary to prepare yourself mentally for the tests and negative situations.

If you dream that you collect cherry-plums be ready for imminent changes in your private life. If you collect ripe cherry plums in a dream, it means that soon you will meet someone who will become very close to you, with whom you will feel happy and loved.

But if cherry plums in a dream are rotten, it means that you will not only abandon your desires, but also will accept the fact that for these ideas will never be implemented.

Depending on what you do with a cherry plum, or how it looks like: ripe or rotten, the meaning of it will be different. For example, if you just see a cherry plum, it means that you will face deceit, treachery, and some kind of temptation.

If shortly before bedtime, you really ate cherry plum or saw it on TV, then in the next few days you should very carefully observe the behavior of people around you. Also you need to be very careful to control every word you say and every action you do. That is how you can protect yourself against possible betrayal or deception.

There is another good interpretation of dream books about the cherry plum. If you are a man, and want to know what cherry plum means, you will be happy to know that you will meet your life partner who will be a wonderful wife, mother and hostess. For a woman, cherry plum in a dream means that someone will try to attract her with the aim to spend intimate time together.