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Cherry - Meaning of Dream


Cherry, is a symbol of prosperity. Therefore, cherry, especially blooming, promises joy, pleasure and success.

Cherry with large ripe fruits, portends establishing intimate relationships. If you dream that you enjoy cherries, it means that your kindness will help you to cope with the ill-wishers.

If you eat sour cherries in your dream, it foretells tears and anguish. It may be associated with a loved one or family.

If you plant a cherry, it means that you will get a material prosperity, plucked cherries, a happy change.

Green cherry, heralds getting of what you wanted; ripe cherry, means well-being.

Dried cherry without berries, means the upcoming loss of feelings.

Cherry as a fruit, which can’t be stored for a long time, can mean false promises or fragility of relationships.

If you only see the cherry blossom without the tree, it means that your life will change for the better.

If you pluck cherries in a dream, it means that you will be satisfied with your family and friends.

If you dreamed of a cherry tree which you climbed on, it means that your boss will decide to promote you.

Sawn cherry, predicts monotonous and boring life.

If you drink cherry liqueur, the dream warns you of indigestion.

If the dream is connected with a beautiful girl who eats cherry berries, then you will soon fall in love.

Big cherry tree with green leaves and ripe berries is a sign of the recognition of talent and popularity.

To dream of a cherry tree with many ripe berries, is a sign of house of plenty: a caring husband, obedient children, tactful relatives.

If you see two cherries on a branch, it means that you need to upgrade your qualifications or to educate yourself. You may need to repeat previously learned material.

Faded cherry may indicate a travel or a business trip for training purposes. Perhaps it will be seminars, training or paid internship.

If a girl dreams that she plucks cherries, it can symbolize virginity loss, injury, any illegal or prohibited love and sexual intimacy in the near future.

Also, Vanga said that if you dreamed of cherry, it means disappointment in family relationships, and at work.

Another meaning of cherry is getting great popularity due to the large selflessness and even friendliness of the person.

If you dream of a flowering cherry tree, it is a sign that soon people will fall in love, and this love affair will be the most successful, in comparison with all previous.

Withered cherry tree according to Vanga, means parting and cooling of relations with current sexual partner, which will lead to the breakdown of relationships.

But the main value of such a dream is well-being, good news and wish fulfillment, which you have dreamed for a long time.

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