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Chessmen - Meaning of Dream


Chess is a symbol of the development of relations with other people. It can point out both positive changes and negative disorders. Interpretation of chessmen in the dream is usually based on the results of the game played. So try to remember the result, and in the morning you will be able to determine what fate predicts to you.

First of all, you should understand what chess mean if you don’t play it. This dream points out the incorrect use of appropriate moments and opportunities. Most likely, you are just wasting your time aimlessly instead of seriously changing something in your life. Or even worth – you are doing something, which has a harmful impact on your life. For example, you work in a place, which negatively affects your emotional state or directly harm your health. After such dream, it is recommended to rest more and to take care of own health.

If you dreamed of chess, and you obviously lose the game, it is worth to prepare for difficult situations. You should remember that not all people are honest and noble. Therefore, dishonest representatives of society may want to overshadow your life with different dirty tricks or wiles. You better remain unprovoked. Keep calm and proceed with confidence. In such a way you will be able to overcome all difficulties.

But if while playing chess in a dream you gain a complete and unconditional victory, it means that in real life you will also succeed. You can easily cope with the negative impact. In addition, the envious will be ashamed. And it can turn out that you won’t have to do anything, the situation will be solved by itself. The main thing - keep your temper; and then you will thank your lucky stars.

Due to S. Freud dream book, if you see yourself enthusiastically playing the game of chess, and you show competence in the rules, it means that in reality you have some kind of a "splinter". It does not bother you too much, but still its presence gives you some inconvenience, disturbing you from enjoyment of modern civilization.

If you were playing chess for a long time pondering over each move - most likely your loved one will confess that he/she has done a mean action. Despite the fact that you are going to be distressed after hearing such news, try to understand, and perhaps forgive the person, who dared to open his/her heart to you. If you lost the game with mate, it means that you will quarrel with a close friend. Conflict can be avoided if you have more lenient attitude to his/her little quirks. In the dream you watched the chess game – it is an advice: do not judge others too harshly; they do not have to agree with your views and principles.