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Children - Meaning of Dream

The dreams about children may be various. Here you check see the interpretation of some of them.

A dreaming about crying children, in the modern dream book is interpreted as a symbol of all sorts of problems. Healthy and beautiful kids are seen in the dreams of those who can truly love. If you are nursing young children, you can be fooled by a person who is very close to you. A sick child is also a bad sign.

In Miller’s dream book, happy and prosperous children symbolize gratitude from close people and the ability to make friends. Moreover, if the children are beautiful, it portends success in life and happy future.

If you see children doing something (studding or working), it also predict your success. If you see dead children, it is very sad dream, regardless of whether they are children of a dreamer or not. This dream portends a threat to the normal and safe curse of life.

If a child is a little ill, in reality do not worry about that, better concentrate on other troubles. If hold a sick child in your hands, it heralds that you will have to survive big sadness. If the children are crying, it indicates that your health is poor. It is also possible that you will feel the treachery of your enemies.

Vanga interpreted many young children as many small troubles and problems that require your energy and might take a lot of time. Children, who are disabled, are seen in a dream in case your bad habits pose serious problems to those around you. Sometimes it is a sign of impending global catastrophe, the reason for which tells you about the lack of care about the ecology of the planet.

Own children tell you to be attentive to your family. This dream reflects your ability to unfairly hurt even the most loved people.

Being a child signifies that often your behavior causes great confusion in surrounding and sometimes hurt them. If you look for children in a dream, in reality it will not be easy for you to find a way out of a difficult situation.

If you played with the children, it states your dissatisfaction with own job, and your readiness to change it.

In Freud’s dream book, if you save a child from any trouble, for example, in case of fire - you may wish to have a child or even ready for adoption.