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Chime-bells - Meaning of Dream

The chime-bells in a dream herald the significant and special events in your life, the importance of which can’t be overemphasized. If you like the chime in a dream, you will face the upcoming necessarily prosperous changes related to wealth and prosperity. Alarm bell, on the contrary, warns about the troubles and mischief that would soon appear in your life. Sometimes the sound of a single bell in a dream heralds the death of a loved one.

According to Miller, if you hear the sounds of holiday bells, it bodes pleasant news about upcoming rewards and favorable offers. If you learned to ring the bells beautifully, you will gain victory in very important business that will help you make a significant profit. If you hear the bells ringing from afar, this dream heralds tragedy and concern for the close people.

In Vanga’s interpretation if you hear the church bells ringing, this is a sign that it's time you cleanse your soul from disturbing thoughts about committing illegal deeds. If you ring the bells you will soon recover. If you've always wanted to get rid of bad habits - it is time to carry out your intentions. If you hear a clear bell ringing over your head, it is an omen of promotion. Bell ringing at sunset foretells serious illness or death of a fellow.

In Freud’s dream book, bell ringing for people in love, symbolizes the change of the social status - marriage and exciting honeymoon. For a pregnant woman, the dream about bells heralds happy labor.

If you dream of chime-bell that does not ring, this is a harbinger of rupture of sexual relations, which no longer please you and your partner. If both of you are in the belfry and ring the bell - your feelings will be renewed and you will experience many happy moments, which you have long dreamed about.