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China - Meaning of Dream

If you look at the map of the world and your eyes stop at China, this is a sign that your conscience will bother you because you undergone some bad actions, or your words were too offensive in relation to someone.

If you had a business trip to China in a dream, most likely in the near future you will decide to get engaged in a very risky business. The results of this venture will depend not only on you, but primarily on experience and common sense of the people you choose to be your partners.

A dream, in which you are walking through the streets of Chinese cities or along the Great Wall of China, stands as harbinger of important news, which you'll soon learn from friends or read in the press. Most likely, this news will address some of the resonant events in the society that can significantly affect the course of your business.

If you moved to China and you are a citizen of this country in a dream, it indicates that you are ready to change your job or manage the leading position in the company. In duty bounden, you will need to interact and negotiate with a large number of people.

A dream, in which you see a Chinese man or a woman, forebodes the possible ambiguous situation. You will need to have the courage and imagination to honorably resolve the problem, however, if you decide to resort to trickery and deception, it will only worsen the circumstances - the other participants of this misunderstanding will shift all the blame on your shoulders.

If you talk with a native Chinese citizen, this is a warning that soon you will have to deal jointly with insidious and hypocritical people. First, you will not understand the true intentions of your new partners, as they pretend to be pleasant, friendly and responsible, but in some complicated situation, they will demonstrate the true nature.

The meaning of China in dreams can be as versatile as in reality. The reason for this is the uniqueness of each individual and personal association with the East. That is why most of the dream books have many thought covering this specific topic.

Therefore if you found yourself in China this is a harbinger of news, as this civilization and culture has been a constant source of news for the rest of the world. However, the outcome of this news will depend on a person.

If China is presented by the local population with whom you are engaged in a dialogue, it could presage difficult relationships in the future. They may feature a risk of excessive confidence and the need to keep an eye on. But if a dreamer is a part of the community, there is likelihood of strong links with a very large community.

According to science, the characters created asleep are the symbols of unique language. They reflect the inner conflict of the rights, the presence of which portends the future that is the focus of the conflict.