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Chipmunk - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you see a chipmunk appearing suddenly before your eyes- this is an unfavorable sign, heralding a great sorrow. And the problem is that you will not notice absolutely any signs of impending trouble. At first glance, life will go on as usual and all of a sudden you may encounter misfortune. After such a dream you risk being tempted and doing something silly, which can greatly affect your reputation.

The larger and thicker was a chipmunk in your dreaming, the more troubles and tribulations you should be ready for. If you dream of a dead chipmunk, this dream foretells that you will be able to avoid the tragedy through a fluke.

If you hunted a chipmunk with a rifle, most likely you will encounter major problems and troubles. You intuitively feel it, but unfortunately you can’t protect yourself.

Chipmunk in a dream book by Miller is a harbinger of failures and troubles that await you in the near future. It is possible that they are connected with your friends by any manner of means. Try to take a closer look at people in your entourage, maybe someone of them is ready to betray you.

If you dreamed of a chipmunk on Tuesday night, it means that your close people are waiting for you to make a selfless act. Try not to disappoint their expectations.

A similar dream on Saturday night prophesies upcoming encounter with formidable and complicated issue which you can’t cope alone. Do not despair and do not get isolated, you will certainly receive aid of loyal friends, if you humble your pride and ask for support.

Chipmunk in Freud's dream book means that in the foreseeable future, you will have an unexpected encounter with an old love (lover). After the pleasant memories of the past, you will feel sexually attracted to that person and will spend good time with together. Alas, it will not develop your relations any further.

A dream where you see a chipmunk is a sign which requires great tolerance and staying power in the nearest future. Soon you will face quite difficult period of live, when you will have to make a serious decision.