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Chocolate - Meaning of Dream

Chocolate in the dream is a symbol of the sweet life. And it should be mentioned that dreams in which you see the chocolate, always portend something good and unusual. But it's time to find out exactly what you should expect from such dreams.

Often this dream signifies the sweet life which has almost begun. And this applies to all aspects of your life, but still a big role this dream plays in personal relationships and love.

Generally, if you just see chocolate in a dream it means that you will take part in some important event. And the result of this event will have an impact on your life. And the outcome is going to be very good. So try to do everything as much correctly as possible during some period of time.

If you drink hot chocolate, then in reality you will experience unprecedented love. If you already have a partner or spouse (wife), it means that your relationship will ignite with new vigor. And if you do not have a partner, then be ready that you will encounter your soul mate very soon.

If you dream of a chocolate bar, and you bite it, it is a sign of upcoming affairs. Solid chocolate implies some trouble, but with the positive outcome. But if it is soft, then be ready for the great joy and good results of all your undertakings. In this period of life any business will be successful and as easy as possible. This means that it is time to begin to implement the boldest plans.

Very often the chocolate in a dream, which is hard to bite, means the upcoming house repairs, which has been delayed for a long time. Anyways, you will be satisfied with the results, and hence, it is worth of every effort and a little of patience, in order to have favorable outcome.

If you dreamed of spoiled chocolate – the dream is unfavorable. It means that you will be disappointed in love or in your partner. Basically, it's the only bad interpretation of the dream, in which you see the chocolate.

In the dream you clearly see a nicely wrapped chocolate, and inside you discover a good chocolate bar, but when you eat it you don’t like the taste, it is bitter or disgusting, it means a life of frustration. Moreover, it can happen in something you least expect it to appear. The worse is the chocolate the more disappointment you will have in life. Also, the dream may mean some kind of betrayal by friends or relatives. After the dream about tasteless chocolate with a nice wrapper, you need to carefully accept changes in life and stop trusting bad people.

If you dream of melted chocolate, it is a sign of successful completion of all the dubious and problematic deals. You can also receive the unexpected help.

If you can’t reach chocolate, for example, from a shelf in the store - it is a sign of joy mixed with adversity.

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