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Chords - Meaning of Dream

If you hear somebody playing chords in your dream – in real life everything will be in chime and mutual understanding.

If you hear beautiful and languid harmonies, it portends health and success in life. If you happen to hear discordant and dissonant chords - get ready to perform difficult and annoying things.

If chords sound sad and plaintive – be ready for notorious news. If a young woman is trying to play difficult but beautiful-sounding chords – she will manage to attract the affection of an old friend and he will become a faithful lover.

If you hear the chords or perform it, this dream has a favorable prediction that promises harmony in the family and agreement between all its members. If you continue to live in harmony and lead an active lifestyle, this dream promises you easy solution of troubles without making any significant efforts to achieve own goals.

Hushed minor chords, on the contrary, indicate dimensions, peacefulness, love and harmony in the family.

If you listen and recognize the chords in a dream, it is recommended that in the near future you better think before you say some words, because chances are that you say too much or just can’t resist the temptation to dismiss gossip.

Playing music with melodious chords is an auspicious dream that foretells success in business and promotion. To hear such music – means harmony in the soul and the near surroundings, and for girls it is a change of image in the best way.

Music chords signify agreement with loved ones or business partners, harmonious family or love relationship.

Chords or concerted sounds symbolize reconciliation of internal state with the external environment.

If chords sound out of tune - beware of hypocrisy and betrayal. Dissonance in music warns of disagreements, quarrels and conflicts in your environment.