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Christening / Baptism - Meaning of Dream

If you see yourself being baptized, this is a harbinger of some humiliation, which, however, will be tolerably rubbed through for the benefit of others. If the ritual took place in the church, this dream tells you to temper your pride for the benefit of loved ones.

Baptism ceremony of unabaptized person could mean the desire to implement this procedure in reality. For a baptized person, this is a preparation for some important events that must occur in reality.

If in a dream you watch the christening procession, it could be a sign that it's time to confess in front of a loved one, whom you unlimitedly trust.

In fact, baptism is an extraordinary event. It can happen once in a lifetime, and contains a strong energy, implies the soul-searching and changes life goals. Many people have changed abruptly after the baptism. Believers treat this ceremony very seriously and responsibly.

You should remember all the details and interpret them separately to reach the complete understanding of a certain dream. In this case, ask yourself a question: who was baptized; under what circumstances; where did it happen; what was the religion of people participating; was it voluntarily or forcibly; an adult or a child baptized?

In general this dream poses neither sickness nor death nor unhappiness. However, you should listen to your inner voice and feelings after the dream. It might be the anticipation of joyous event, relief, connection with something sacred, or, on the contrary, anxiety and agitation.

To be present at the baptism forebodes that soon your family relationships will improve. If you observe baptism ceremony from outside, it tells that you are uncertain with your life position; you need to strengthen it, form your own principles, and learn how to defend your opinion in the debate.

If you saw a priest who baptized you and put a cross on your chest, this is an indication that you have a guardian angel in life, which can save you from all afflictions. This is a very nice and pleasant dream.

If you baptize your children, this is a herald of happiness, health and well-being. If you became a godmother or godfather in a dream, this is a signal of happy events, good deeds and charitable activities.