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Church - Meaning of Dream


Church in a dream is a place of hope and joy, at the same time it can be associated with sad events and grief.

Dreaming of a church foreshadows the events that you have been waiting for, but it may not come up with your expectations and hopes, bringing only disappointment.

If a church is immersed in darkness, and you go inside - it promises funeral, which you will have to attend. This dream can mean a long period of neglect: many failures, inability to find the right solution, and haziness of prospects.

Dark and gloomy church, in which you happened to be - means remorse and internal criticisms. You might have done or are going to do something that will torment you for weeks or even months.

If you dreamed of a church that you built it means that the time for better life has come. It is also the sign of wealth that you will experience soon. Moreover it can be not only spiritual but also material.

If you enter a beautiful and tidy church, then you will be accepted in society and will succeed at work.

If you see how you say grace in church, it means good luck in all your endeavors. This dream is a blessing, especially if you are a believer.

If you see a church and you pass it by, it means that you should ask yourself tough questions: most certainly, the path that you have chosen leads you to failures and losses. Evaluate the situation and think what can be changed. It might be better to abandon certain plans, which will be fulfilled not in the way you like.

Church is a symbol of spiritual wounds, which can be associated with your occupation, and personal life. If you check Vanga’s dream book, you will find a variety of interpretations of the dream about church. Some of them are described bellow.

If in your dream you see a church from afar, it is a sign that despite your hopes for better, the events in the future won’t satisfy your needs, and you will experience disappointment and sadness. So you should not make too many efforts, as the result won’t be as good as you want.

On the contrary, if a church is very close to you, it is a sign and symbol of that in the near future you will have a good luck and fortune. You should use the moment, because everything will turn out to be fast and successful.

If you dreamed that you entered a church with a purpose, this dream means that you should not worry so much about the past; in fact, you will face interesting events ahead, which might change your perception of life.

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