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Cinema - Meaning of Dream

Cinema, appeared in your dreams, heralds positive emotions or indicates possible personal problems. If you dream that you buy tickets at the cinema cash desk, it tells that in reality you unconsciously seek for complacency and pleasure.

A dream, as if you were just standing near the cinema, advises to arrange a meeting with friends immediately, now you just need a little extra rest. Looks like you devote too much time to other people's troubles and completely forget about yourself and your close people. Learn to say "no" to others and engage in your own business.

If you saw yourself in a cinema with your loved one, it tells that in reality you suffer from a lack of communication. You need to become more active, and go out more often, do not isolate yourself because it doesn’t bring any positive results.

If you went to the cinema in a splendid isolation, it bodes that very soon you will get a very tempting business offer that you can’t just refuse.

If you watched a movie in the company of good friends, this is an omen of unforgettable impressions after communication with your friends in real life.

Arguing with friends over the film is a warning: be delicate and control yourself, do not spread rumors about the secrets of your friends.

In a dream you remembered all the details of the movie which you saw in the cinema - this is a favorable sign that says that you proceed in the right direction and very soon you will overcome the crisis. If you could not remember the story - more likely you are tired of the dull reality and desperately need new impressions.

If you dreamed that you watched one movie several times, the dream hints that you need a change of your environment and forget about problems and concerns at least for some time. If you remembered one hero from the whole film, this dream reflects your attempts to build relationships with the opposite sex. An inexplicable and confused story tells of chaos in which you have to live. Try to arrange your affairs, unscramble them, and then life will sure to improve.