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Circle - Meaning of Dream

The dreams about circles are different. If you dreamed of a circle of flowers on the garden bed, this is a herald of romantic acquaintance that will develop into a serious relationship, but will not lead to the wedding. If a dreamer saw many circles, it bodes that his/her desires will become a reality, only after some time of patience.

Rings in the water indicate that a person experiences unstable economic situation.

If you draw a circle on the floor to invoke spirits, it reflects your need to be protected and you will get that protection; the situation will be resolved in the best way. Also such a dream portends the acquaintance with a new friend who will help to find the way out.

If a sick person clings to a safety ring, it bodes that he/she will recover very soon. But if a dreamer has financial problems, in reality he/she can count on significant cash flows that will help to get out of debt.

A circle is a desperate situation and senseless action, so a dreamer shouldn’t start new businesses, or sign any contracts.

If you draw a circle on the piece of paper, it bodes that you will have carefree time. However, it will not last long, so you shouldn’t relax and forget about your affairs.

If you see your child swimming in the pool with a safety ring, this dream forebodes misfortune, so it is better to look for some methods to avoid it.

For woman, this geometric figure portends vain hopes for profit, so she should not overspend and make thoughtless purchase. She should behave cautiously, in order to avoid quandary.

If a housewife saw a circle in her dream, she will have to save on everything, and drawing up a household budget will be her usual duty.

For unmarried woman the dream foreshadows a meeting with her future husband, but she should not marry him, because the marriage will fail. For businessman, a circle promises unreliable partners with whom it is better not to have any affairs.

Circle is a dual character that changes its interpretation depending on other elements of a dream.