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City - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of the city in which you reside indicates that you need a vacation and reassessment of values, ​​you should recover and gain more strength.

Hearing loud sounds of a city foretells gossip; you should be careful in communication with people and do not make stupid mistakes.

If you walk in a park in the city, it foretells monetary addition to the budget. You should be attentive with a godsend; there is a high probability to become lucky.

Standing in a traffic jam in the city tells that there is no prospect for the future at present place of work. You should think about it.

Dreaming of new faces/people in the city is a very good sign. It foretells good changes in personal life, and love meeting in the near future, and if you already have strong relations, it is not a mistake.

Dreaming of a city from a distance, either above indicates a possible future career growth or promotion in rank. Particular attention you should pay to your work, the fate will be merciful.

Rain in the city means solving life problems in upcoming future.

Dreaming of a city means big changes in life, mostly happy. Walking around in unfamiliar city heralds global changes in personal life.

If you see a ruined city, it foretells that soon you will come to a point when you have to start a new life. This can happen in different areas: career, education, personal life and so on.

To roam in under-populated empty city bodes loneliness, possible betrayal; in the future you should carefully review the behavior of your loved ones, not to be disappointed.

To be in a densely populated metropolis, filled with lots of people foretells a big event in the future life, new ideas and emotions. You should prepare for this.

Night city means a good ending of the current activities, achievement of goals.

In general, to see a city in a dream is a very good sign. This dream opens a wide space for action, preparing new opportunities, anticipates big changes, mostly positive.

You should be always ready to turn your luck around. Be attentive to life and ready for future changes and stroke of luck.