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Claim - Meaning of Dream


A dream about claim may portend not only troubles in business, but also may have a positive effect.

If you dream of a claim, which you find, it means that in reality you should expect for good news. If you claim someone to pay you for something, it means that soon you will receive some unexpected financial aid or salary increase. Also, the rise of prosperity is a result of a dream, in which your claim documents are scattered all around.

If you write a claim and than sign it, it means that you should be ready for good news. This may be connected with receiving a a certificate or diploma, which is a very good event that promises success in many spheres, and the successful completion of long time started affairs. Also a dream opens bright prospects, and means that recently made decision is absolutely right, and it is safe to start new preplanned initiatives.

Reviewing or receiving a claim in a dream foretells new useful contacts and relations with influential people in real life.

Dreaming of the claim for damages foretells useless trouble and fuss, so the resolution of important matters in real life should be postponed until "better times".

If you receive claim in return and you just put these paper documents in piles in order, it means that in reality you should avoid conflicts; otherwise you won’t prevent a great argue with friends or work colleagues.

If you send your claims but you don’t receive a response, it indicates that in real life you should be ready for surprises. For a married woman this dream foretells pressure from the spouse, particularly unfavorable if in a dream she sees a claim in contract.

Dreaming of a notarized copy of your claim documents, usually leads the problems and troubles in reality.

Dreaming of a claim is a controversial issue, because there are many different types of claims. Some of them do not bring any troubles and only help you to solve problems, but some of them can turn out to be a first step to your overall collapse in affairs.

A dream, in which you jump a claim, often symbolizes your doubts in real life. And if in a dream someone lays claim to you, it means that you should be more cautious with new acquaintances, so better do not trust them.

If you claim the inheritance and wait till all documents are done, it means that colleagues are questioning your professional capabilities, or personally you do not believe in own abilities. In this case, it is necessary to take into consideration such interpretation, and to have more responsible attitude to your professional duties.

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