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Class room - Meaning of Dream

A dream as if a class-room burns in flames of fire, this dream signifies that a dreamer will soon receive good news about life of a close friend from school. If an adult man sees himself in the role of high school students, the dream states that soon a person will have to experience the same situation which he didn’t cope with in the past. Thus, the fate gives him a chance to correct past errors; for example, the relationship with his parents.

If you dream as if you sit at the school desk and resolve the math tasks, in reality you risk being punished by your management.

If you answer teacher’s question in front of the class, the dream tells that soon you will be responsible for a lot of extra work in order to improve your financial state.

Any dream about an educational institution is some kind of a lesson. If you dream of a class room with pupils with whom you spend all your school years, it tells that you will experience the same past feelings.

Boys and girls can often dream about a class because their memory is still alive, and many deep emotions reappear in the mind again.

If you have a preschooler child in reality and you dream of a class room, the dream foretells the upcoming teacher-parent meeting.

If you dream that all students of your class appear younger than they are, it tells that you perform childish actions, and it influences your relationships with others and affects the reputation badly.

You should also remember that "class" as a dream symbol does not contain predictions about the radical changes in the life of a dreamer.

These dreams often remind about unresolved problems of the past, which require solution now. This can be expressed in the emergence of similar life circumstances, but on another level of development.

For example, if in the school years you didn’t resolve the question of the proper interaction with others, then now the similar conflict situations will require your review of attitude in relation to people and life in general. This will be another subconscious educational moment in life.